Why the hell aren't there free public showers?
How are you supposed to say you care what happens to the homeless if you aren't providing this service? We're at a point where "not getting hired for hygiene" is just code for "we don't hire people who aren't financially stable enough already to have their own private hygiene facilities".

wouldn't it be amazing if college/university was just like a casual thing? like it's just a place you can go for free whenever you want, don't have to apply or anything, anyone can come in and sit in on a class theyre interested in.

sort of like a library. and there's no tests or anything, it's just for if you want to know more about a subject

Baobabs in Southern Africa are also under threat. Like other ancient trees elsewhere in the world, many are suddenly dying off. The exact reason isn't entirely clear, but there's a good chance they're yet another casualty of the climate crisis.


We need to stop debating the effects of abuse solely from the narratives of the survivors. We didn’t all make it. Those who aren’t here matter. Their pain matters.

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It's a problem that we talk about love as if it's A) an emotion and B) an achievement when really it is C) a set of practices in a relationship.

FYI: at some point in the near future, Elekk will be going down so I can do a clean Mastodon reinstall. You will not lose any data and I'll try to get it back up as soon as possible. I'll give plenty of advance notice here and on @the_elekk

A worker-owned, anti-capitalist streaming service has emerged - means.media/

It's become common to abbreviate "nonbinary" as "enby." TIL that German-speaking #nonbinary (Nichtbinär) people abbreviate it as "Nibi." That's adorable!


Me, that trans woman: "okay here is how you can contribute to me financially"

Fediverse: "no not like that"

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Mastodon, pros and cons:


- nazis are on the fediverse


- we don't have to look at them
- there's more of us then there are of them
- we have the potential for a new and golden age of counter-trolling

Today's gender is stealing every copy of The Sun from every shop I find it in, and depositing them safely in the nearest recycling bin


Chelsea Manning is back in jail.


For speaking truth to power.


Please support her.

One easy way is to get this benefit album.

It features awesome artists who you like.

If you can't donate, retweet.

Okay thanks. hugsforchelsea.bandcamp.com/

Shot in the dark, but I don't know anyone out here but my ex's family and we're not on great terms. If there's anybody in the East Valley in Arizona who'd be willing to stay in the waiting room during surgery and give me a ride to the pharmacy then home this Thurs at 1 please lmk

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@platypus any of you that are currently "storing" your work on tumblr, use this tutorial to grab a backup of your posts: github.com/bbolli/tumblr-utils

Don't be intimidated by the command line stuff, it's very quick and you can copy/paste the examples given.
The process is identical for macs, just make sure you pick the Mac version of Python to download, and the command line program is called Terminal instead.

idea: squat tech.

A research firm that develops things to raise the quality of life for people squatting in places they don't rent or own.

Lighter more portable cheap solar panels and storage batterys to keep power going. Spray on insulation for places that don't have any heat. etc.

@Anke @platypus
Traditional art: You keep the originals in a dry, mould-free, fire-safe, lockable, closed-off container that should also be cat-proof (I learned that last bit the hard way). But before you store them there, you scan them on a flatbed scanner, check color accuracy in case of color originals, at a minimum of 600 DPI (1200 is better if possible). Then you treat the scanned files as above.

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