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Code of Conduct

All these rules are oriented to making this instance kind to its users; understand that we are strict in their application and that we reserve the right to suspend accounts or instances based on the infringement of this CoC because we hope to make Gentler Earth a safe space for those who wish to use it.



To follow up with our principle of kindness, we ask you to content warn (CW) your posts liberally. Common CWs that are expected in this instance are:

  • Sexual content
  • Violence (graphic or otherwise)
  • Politics
  • Drugs (yes, alcohol is a drug)
  • Food, weight talk 
  • Potentially triggering mental health discussion (suicide, self-harm, disordered eating)
  • Talk of hate speech
  • Spam

The more specific you are with your CWs, the better; they are there to make the timelines easier to browse. For more specific examples of how to content warn your posts, check out Stardew City's Code of Conduct.


Unacceptable offenses 

The following content will result in an immediate suspension from the instance:

  • Advocation and/or perpetration of: Racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism, antisemitism, islamophobia, fascism/nazism (xenophobic, white nationalism).
  • Sexual depictions of children
  • Holocaust denial
  • Harassment of other members, be it sexual in nature or simply engaging in conversation when one or more parties have asked for the conversation to stop
  • Doxxing (disseminating members' private information online)
  • Coordinated harassment ("dogpiling")


Case-by-case offenses 

The following content will be thoroughly reviewed by moderators and may result in suspension from the instance:

  • Engaging with cops, feds or adjacent people
  • Untagged NSFW (sexual content, depictions of violence)
  • Capitalistic content such as company advertisements